I will get back to trying to mix in some male artists soon, so don’t think I abandoned that. I just wanted to get these clips of stuff that used to be on my Wish List posted.

The music blog I check the most is, without question, DjPaulT’s “Burning The Ground” blog. He used to have a lot of great stuff posted over at blogspot, and he’s building back up again here at WP. I didn’t realize his blog had been taken down, so when I checked one day and saw it gone I typed in his name in a search engine, and voila! I couldn’t go without that blog!

What does this have to do with anything? Well, a lot of the time when I am searching for rare/hard-to-find stuff, I find them only or predominantly on vinyl. If you like Old Skool…School…however you want to spell it…rap and are just now trying to build up your collection with some of the more obscure rap songs (meaning, not the same ole LL Cool J, Salt-N-Pepa, Eazy E stuff), you’re going to run into this issue. I have a record player…correction–my mother has a record player. But I am not good at “ripping” stuff from records and cassettes, and her record player isn’t even plugged up. I can do a little editing and cleaning, but most of the time my job is not going to sound near-perfect.

Anyway, I was surprised to find that I could not find this Jann Arden radio remix–I mean, an annoyingly big hit, as in “every time you turned on the radio” proportions–in CD format or for download all that easily. Almost every version I found was the bland CD version, which I hardly ever heard on the radio in comparison to the radio remix…or at least not on Top 40 radio stations (Adult Contemporary stations are a bit of a different story). It’s not even on her greatest hits releases. I found two downloads, but one was cut off at the beginning and the other wouldn’t download all the way. I found some CD singles for sale that said they had the remix, but it turned out they didn’t. Then I found the record on eBay, remembered that Paul “rips” from vinyl and contacted him about doing the “rip” if I paid for the record. Yes, I do/pay a lot for music. I made a donation to his blog, and he did a nice job with the rip.

Hear for yourself…

  • “Insensitive” (Radio Remix)
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Hold You Tight

There are tons of remixes of this hit by Tara Kemp floating around the internet and in CD single format, but the one remix I had trouble finding over the years was the one I really wanted. One of the R&B stations in my hometown used to play what I’ve finally come to learn is the “Hold It Now Hit It” mix, and after hearing that it was all over for the CD version of the song for me. It’s a little bit amazing to me that, with as popular as “Hold You Tight” still seems to be–including remixes of it–it’s nearly impossible to find a copy online of the remixes I’m sharing with you (I did find a copy of the “Hold It Now Hit It” mix one place, but it skips). I had to pay quite a bit to get this particular CD single from the Netherlands. I ordered it through Gemm.

The first remix on the CD single is one that you can easily find other places (the “All Night Extended Version”), so I am only posting clips of the other two remixes that are very hard to find in the US.

  • “Hold You Tight” (Tight Mix)
  • “Hold You Tight” (Hold It Now Hit It Mix)
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This Is How We Do It

While I could probably live my whole life without ever hearing the original version of this song again, I love this remix. My sister had the maxi CD single that had several versions on it, and the radio played some of those remixes. This was the one that stuck with me. The original version by Montell Jordan was overplayed.

This is the kind of song for getting into a car, rolling the windows down, driving slowly down the street and, if you have good speakers, just blasting it (when people blast music from crappy speakers, it sounds like their “sound system” is about to explode). Nothing else to say about it–it’s just excellent and perfect for a loud party. You want to get in a good mood quickly? Play this song.

One odd thing–I could have sworn this remix was on a maxi CD for “This Is How We Do It,” but my research is turning up that this is called the “Studio Ton Radio Mix” and is on Montell’s “Somethin’ 4 Da Honeyz” CD single (um, a song I totally don’t remember, by the way). I don’t see a remix by that name on any of the “This Is How We Do It” singles, but I remember the album art for those singles and really thought that remix was on one of them.

  • “This Is How We Do It” (Studio Ton Radio Mix)
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Real Love

Since there are tons of songs named “Real Love,” I won’t keep you in suspense–this one is by R&B male vocalist Lorenzo. While there are several tracks by him up on YouTube, I’ve previously heard not one of them…oh, wait a second; I’m wrong–this “I Can’t Stand the Pain” song sounds familiar. But that’s just the kind of artist Lorenzo was…Hey, like I mentioned before on this blog–the 90s were all about the ladies for a while there, at least in R&B. But I definitely remember this other song by Lorenzo now.

Sitting and listening to Lorenzo’s music now, I really do think he was an artist who had a lot of potential and should have been a bigger hit. The vocals are there and his songs are not bad. Admittedly, I wasn’t crazy about his music at the time. My oldest sister was the one who was high on his song “Real Love,” and back then I used to act like I was excited about whatever she was excited about. Plus, I thought he looked goofy in the video for the song (his movements and his face!!)! I don’t know if other R&B fans felt like I did about Lorenzo at the time and that’s why his career never went very far, or what. I wonder if Lorenzo wouldn’t have been all the rage if he’d come out 5 or so years before he did…the “cute” guys who could sing were “in” in late 80s R&B. I genuinely do like his song “Real Love” today, though.

  • “Real Love”
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My Heart Is Failing Me

Back to the 90s for a bit, because I am trying to throw some more male acts into the blog and, looking through my music collection, I am seeing more with rare, remixed or forgotten stuff from the 90s than the 80s.

Riff was this male R&B/pop group that really seemed to have a close relationship with movies. For starters, they are the guys who sang “Fair Eastside” in the movie “Lean On Me” and recorded the song “White Men Can’t Jump” for the similarly-named movie (which I never knew, regarding “White Men Can’t Jump,” until I did some research on Riff…but I used to like the song). According to Wikipedia, they also had a song on the soundtrack for the movie “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles” called “Family.”

Riff is another one of those acts that would be labeled a “one-hit wonder,” and, especially in the pop world, that would be based on their single “My Heart is Failing Me.” Really, they were not a one-hit wonder act so much as they were a nameless one, i.e. the kind whose songs you’d hear but never knew who the songs were by, the kind whose faces you never remember (unless you really loved “Lean on Me” and/or the scene where Riff sings), etc. In other words, Riff never really stood out in any substantial way and, thus, never had a chance of making it big in music. “My Heart Was Failing Me” was on the Top 40 radio station all the time in my hometown and I loved it, but…when they didn’t see another song chart on Casey’s Top 40, it was easy to forget all about them.

  • “My Heart Is Failing Me”
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The Pleasure Principle

Janet is one of my favorites, but, frankly, not really for her singing. Much like Madonna, she is an artist who has an “it” factor that doesn’t include stellar vocals but just something else that resulted in nearly every song she released for a while being audibly appealing (I mean, besides Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis’ music production). Also much like Madonna, she has reached that point where I generally can’t tolerate the music she releases nowadays.

I was particularly influenced by Janet’s dancing, though. “If” was a great video as far as dance moves, but another video I consider to be “up there” is “The Pleasure Principle.” I will never forget when she jumps off the chair and lands with that “I mean business” expression on her face, and then gets right back to the dancing. Absolutely loved the jean jacket she wore and had one just like it because of that video. I loved the video version of the track, as well. And Janet has done something that all artists who make tons of radio/video remixes should do–she released a CD with all of those remixes from the “Control” album’s time period called “Control: The Remixes.” Usually, I don’t like CDs or maxi CDs that are full of remixes because (with the exception of Jennifer Lopez’s “J To Tha L-O” CD) there is usually only one remix I want and I hate the rest. But this one was and is worth the cash. The video versions of “Control,” “Let’s Wait A While,” “When I Think of You” and more are on this CD.

The version of “The Pleasure Principle” that is on it is basically an extended version of what you hear in the video. Be careful buying the CD…check out the track listings before you do, because it looks like there are a few different versions of the CD out there and some don’t have this song on it.

  • “The Pleasure Principle” (Long Vocal Remix)/(The Shep Pettibone Mix)
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New Posts Coming

Sorry it has been days without posting anything. I have been in the hospital and had surgery, but everything is going well.

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