All Because of You

Considering the fact that Celine Dion is my favorite singer, I have bought countless numbers of limited editions and non-US versions of her CDs just to get those few extra songs that those of us in the US don’t get on the original CD releases (which means…lots of future Celine posts). An example of one of those times was when, already having the “A New Day Has Come” CD–my favorite by Celine–I purchased the limited edition release, which includes a DVD that has some tracks and videos on it. Now…why it’s a DVD with songs on it is beyond me. Leave it to the music industry…Anyway, I think there are three tracks/videos on it. I think I remember the video of “I’m Alive” (the track version from the “Stuart Little” movie soundtrack, not the CD version), I believe a video of “Have You Ever Been In Love” and a track that doesn’t appear on any of Celine’s CDs called “All Because of You.” Good song…not one of Celine’s best, definitely, but it’s good and worth posting because I have not seen this song anywhere online before.

Oh, and…last but not least, it seems that some special versions of “A New Day Has Come” are available online, i.e. Amazon. If you try to order the version with “All Because of You” on it, be careful because the one on Amazon, for example, from looking at the DVD image included, lists different videos and tracks than the one I have…and I can’t make out that “All Because of You” is on it. So, make sure you check the track listings when you’re purchasing. I, myself, have three different versions of this CD, but that’s a post for another time. 😉

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