Hearts Don’t Think/It’s Sweet

I’m sure a lot of 90’s pop music fans remember this duo called Natural Selection, if for no other reason than for their hit song with one of Madonna’s crew members called “Do Anything.” But did you think they were a one-hit wonder? Or were you one of those people who heard some of the other singles they released and then purchased their full CD…only to be disappointed with the versions of those singles that were included on the CD because they were not the same versions played on the radio (don’t you just hate when that happens??? Seems to happen a lot)? Personally, I bought their CD just for the two songs listed below (already had a copy of “Do Anything,” which is far easier to find than these other two songs are). I was around 10 years old when Natural Selection was out, so I wasn’t exactly buying CDs back then and, accordingly, didn’t buy the CD singles back then and also didn’t realize that the radio versions of these two songs weren’t also the CD versions…uh, until I’d spent the money on the full CD, oh, around 2003.

  • “Hearts Don’t Think (They Feel)”
  • This is a clip of the radio version, which actually, at the time, was a hit for Natural Selection. It’s probably more memorable to music fans than “It’s Sweet” but less memorable than “Do Anything.” It’s also easier to find than “It’s Sweet” but harder to find than “Do Anything.” But it can be found (got this version from some 90’s music CD compilation years ago, but don’t remember the name of it, especially since my music collection has basically gone digital–sorry, guys).

  • “It’s Sweet”
  • Also the radio version. I don’t know about you, but it seems that the less popular a song is the more I love it. Absolutely loved this song and this version–probably my favorite by Natural Selection. Incredibly difficult for me to find, though–spent years looking for a CD quality version (only had it on tape, recorded from the radio). Thanks to links I found on a blog similar to mine, I did hunt down the CD single on Discogs.

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