Never Satisfied

So, Good 2 Go was this girl group that–from the impression I got–endeavored to be the white female New Edition or New Kids on the Block…and that endeavor failed. The reason why is unclear (to me–anyone else know what happened?). I mean, is “Never Satisfied” a good song, or is it a good song? I liked it. My sister liked it. We would have embraced this female NKOTB.

Actually, they didn’t sound like NKOTB musically–they were better (at least going by this one song…who knows what I would have thought of the rest of their CD had I heard it when it first came out…but at this point, no other song from it stands out to me)…which really makes me ask again why Good 2 Go wasn’t good to go. Still, I draw the parallel to NKOTB because it was five white girls doing pop/R&B music and there weren’t any other five-member white girl groups doing that during that time period (until Boy Krazy came along, if you considered them R&B at all, and similarly flopped). NKOTB was similar in that regard, the “first” of their kind when they came out.

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