Posse On Broadway

Forget “Baby Got Back”–this is the jam. Especially these remixes.

And yet another one of those sad cases where you get an inferior version of the song when you buy the CD. Don’t get me wrong, though–Sir Mix-A-Lot’s “Swass” album would definitely make my list of “best rap albums of all time” (not to say I’m a rap or hip hop expert, or even that I listened to tons of full rap/hip hop albums–but, for me, it’s one that I could basically listen to the whole thing…and did tons of times, growing up). But if it has any shortcomings, then the fact that these “Posse On Broadway” versions aren’t on it qualifies as one.

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3 Responses to Posse On Broadway

  1. Chris Smith says:

    Thanks for posting this, I enjoyed it, I am a fan of the song and the album.
    Back in the day I seem to recall a song on a Sir Mix A Lot cassette single that was not necessarily a remix of Posse on Broadway, but more of a follow-up as it had new lyrics describing the next day or the morning after the original Posse on Broadway. I know because I had this particular single, but I loaned it out to a friend back then and have never heard of it again. I was wondering if anyone else was aware of such a follow up track?

    • Hi, Chris. I will check up on that track and see what I find.

    • Hey, are you sure it wasn’t the Godzilla Remix? At the end of that remix, there are “new” lyrics that tell about the posse going home, getting a tour and it being six in the morning, etc…sounds a little like they are talking about the next day. I did a search, looked at my Sir Mix-A-Lot CDs, etc, and didn’t find any different songs that could be a follow-up, unless I missed something or didn’t realize it was a follow-up to this song. If you want/need, I can post a clip of that part of the song.

      If that’s not it, can you think of the title or what the title might be, any lyrics or the storyline, etc?

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