Right & Hype

Okay, so any R&B fans remember this girl group called Abstrac’? Had, like, one hit? I think they were Teddy Riley’s girls. “Yep, yep.” I used to love this one…and, apparently, so did BET, because I vaguely remember their video for “Right & Hype” being in somewhat heavy rotation (ahhh, the good ole days of BET–you know, before it was taken over by bumpin’, grindin’ and white folks (um, no offense… :D)). Doesn’t it seem like the majority of the best songs come from one-hit wonders or artists who never have any other real hits? It’s a real shame that these girls never really did anything else, but we’ll always have this song…I included a clip of the radio version, not the long LP version. Pretty sure you can find this single somewhere like Discogs, though it might not be CD format.

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