Dream Lover/How Do You Feel

One of my favorite songs ever is “Dream Lover” by the Rebel Pebbles. This is, of course, out of 200-300 “favorites,” but it’s in the top 100. It wasn’t a big hit–the Rebel Pebbles had no big hits, and this was the closest thing to one. It might not even be that great of a song–you decide. But it’s one of those things where something is so tied to your childhood that you lose objective perspective.

One thing I will say about the Rebel Pebbles that I appreciate as an adult is their mix of pop, the California beach sound and the oldies vibe. Unfortunately, there was never really a place for this kind of music, especially not in the early 90s when music was going through such a transition and not in the Rebel Pebbles sort of way (more like moving from hair bands and pointless pop to alternative rock and urban crossovers). So these two songs, as interesting as the sound is, got lost in the shuffle. It’s understandable why “Dream Lover” was more of a hit than “How Do You Feel” was, but, again, I really like the style of both these songs.

  • “Dream Lover”

  • “How Do You Feel”

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