Real Love

Not sure how many other people have heard of the group Skyy. But in the early 90s, they had a “quiet storm”-type song out called “Real Love” that was in pretty good rotation on the radio in my hometown. It was actually one of those songs I heard so much that it got a little…hmmm…bland to me. So I forgot all about the song for over a decade. I don’t know why, but recently I remembered this song and got a copy. It’s actually not terribly hard to find–the CD it’s on can still be found for sale online, and it’s on a few compilation CDs. The interesting thing is one of the reviews on Amazon for the CD this song is on, “Start of a Romance,” says that Skyy was played all the time on the radio in NY but maybe not as much in other regions. I’m originally from the South, and I think this might be the only song by Skyy I’ve ever heard (though a comment on the review I’m referencing says Skyy was played a lot in Alabama, which is 2-3 hours from my hometown). I’ll check on it…but let me know if anyone else out there is familiar with Skyy.

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