Way Out

Every Old Skool rap fan knows J.J. Fad, particularly “Supersonic.” But, to me, “Way Out” was just as good as “Supersonic”–maybe even better since it wasn’t and isn’t (if you still listen to Old Skool stations) as overplayed. The best version is the long version of “Way Out.” Good luck finding it, though, especially if you don’t have a record player and/or want it on CD. I might be of a little bit of help–just checked Discogs, and I’m thinking the version that is listed as 5:15 is the same one I have.

J.J. Fad is one of those artists whom you wish had more hits and wish they could have been around for years and years. I mean, there were other singles from them, but they weren’t like “Supersonic” and “Way Out.” I do have at least one more J.J. Fad song not named “Supersonic” to see if you remember, but that’s in the future.

  • “Way Out” (Long Version)
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