Sexappeal/I Don’t Want 2 Be Alone

And we’re back. And just for that reason, I’ll kick it off with a two-for-one deal. And I’ll tell you a little story about how I found one of these Georgio songs.

So, ever since I first heard “I Don’t Want 2 Be Alone,” I had no idea who it was by (hey, I wasn’t even 10 yrs old yet when they were playing that on the radio). But I always liked the song…so much so that I stole a cassette tape that belonged to my sister, which she’d used to record that song off the radio. But I knew who “Sexappeal” was by. Okay, so over the past couple years I have taken to pulling out old cassette tapes with songs recorded from the radio on them in an effort to rediscover songs that I used to like in the 80s and 90s. That has led me down an interesting path of trying to find some of these songs in CD quality…especially with the numerous songs that presented the problem of my having forgotten, or my never knowing in the first place, who the artist is.

I remembered “I Don’t Want 2 Be Alone” and pulled out the tape I’d stolen from my sister (yep, never gave it back to her, and I’m not sure she ever missed it). At that point, I’d already had a copy of “Sexappeal.” At some point, I got to thinking, “this guy sounds like Georgio…” And I looked it up on YouTube (you can find many of the songs I post here on YouTube, by the way–sometimes the original music videos, even) and…bam. Both songs are definitely for sale, though it’s easier to find “Sexappeal” in the usual places (i.e. subscription services, iTunes…I got it from Rhapsody) than “I Don’t Want 2 Be Alone.”

Some people have compared this dude to Prince. Hmmm. I don’t really see it. Well…you can see it a bit in the face in the first album cover below, but…Look at the muscles, for one thing. Prince–love his music to death–is a little troll doll. The voice…eh. Sometimes I just burst out laughing at the things Prince does with his voice in songs and think to myself, “Oh, man–awesome!” Georgio doesn’t have that ability. Georgio and Prince have things in common, yes, but not really the two biggest things. Actually, at least physically…I don’t know if anyone remembers Gerardo (um, cheesy 1991 song “Rico Suave,” people), but that’s who Georgio brings to my mind. Take a look at the video links above and maybe you’ll see what I see.

  • “I Don’t Want 2 Be Alone”

  • “Sexappeal”

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