All I Want

Back to the 90s for a while.

Well, it’s painfully clear that Susanna Hoffs never had the kind of career as a solo artist that she had with the Bangles. But she definitely tried–she didn’t just release one CD and then disappear or crawl back to the Bangles (not to say that she never went back–she did, because they released another CD in the 2000s called “Doll Revolution”…just saying she didn’t crawl back after failing as a solo artist). Anyway, one of her “bigger” solo “hits” was a song released in the mid-90s or so called “All I Want.” I would actually call this one of my favorite (300) songs ever right along with a couple songs from the Bangles, but I guess other listeners didn’t appreciate it quite to the same degree as I do.

I’m featuring this track because, interestingly enough, although this song is “newer” than her other “hit” “My Side of the Bed,” it seems like it’s harder to find. If you go to Rhapsody, for example, you actually can pull up the entire “When You’re A Boy” CD, which came out in 1991 (and has “My Side of the Bed” on it). That CD also has two other songs Susanna tried to release–“Unconditional Love” and “Only Love.” Trying to find her self-titled CD anywhere online takes a little more effort. But you can find it–Amazon to the rescue on this one, unless you live outside the US or are otherwise okay with ordering from another country (in which case you can get it at Discogs). That’s as of typing this post, of course–things change.

  • “All I Want”
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