I’m So Into You

I recently pulled out SWV’s first CD, “It’s About Time,” so that I could put the whole thing on my mp3 player, and it really brought back some memories–particularly of how good full albums used to be. Every song on that CD was a winner. With other posts, I have been mentioning how the remixes and radio edits are better than the CD versions, and sometimes it’s disappointing to buy a CD only to find the radio remix isn’t on it. “It’s About Time” was one of the few CDs where it was hard to be disappointed, regardless of what version of songs was or wasn’t on the CD. There were several “I’m So Into You” remixes, and, while I do prefer the remix I’m posting here to the original version, I found while listening to “It’s About Time” that I’d simply forgotten just how good the CD version of the song is.

I used to hear this version on Rick Dees’ Top 40 countdown. I got it from Musicmatch back when it existed, so I don’t know what CD this is on, although there’s a similar version on the maxi CD single called “radio remix with rap.” This version is 3:47 long.

  • “I’m So Into You” (Radio Remix)
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One Response to I’m So Into You

  1. See Note says:

    I still dig this jam. Thanks for the blogroll add, I appreciate your visit! Nice blog, by the way. I have a few different versions of “Housequake”. Let me see what I can dig up. Stay in touch!


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