The Triplets had a top 10 hit with their single “You Don’t Have To Go Home Tonight,” which I absolutely love and was obsessed with as a kid. So, it was devastating to me when they never really had another hit again and I heard nothing else from them. I had seen them perform “Sunrise” on some “Regis & Kelly”-type TV show back in the early 90s, so I was aware of the song but it never charted on Casey Kasem’s Top 40, as far as I know. I found out years later that, despite the fact that I have watched “Beverly Hills 90210” off and on for years and years (I have currently developed a newfound appreciation for/interest in the show and watch it daily on Soapnet), “Sunrise” and another song by the Triplets called “Blood Is Thicker Than Water” were both played on the show (I will post the latter clip at a later date).

I wasn’t exactly allowed to listen to non-urban music as a kid, not unless I wanted to endure a good amount of teasing and “what is this mess???” from family members (kind of funny I could blast 2 Live Crew and NWA with my parents down the hall but had to hide my Amy Grant and Celine Dion cassettes). Point being that it was a long time before I could get my hands on a copy of this song. Actually, I didn’t buy their CD “Thicker Than Water” until 2007 from And I’ve been playing “Sunrise” on a regular basis ever since, like it just came out yesterday. It’s still on my “Favorites” playlist on my mp3 player (which is for songs I like to listen to the most at the present time), and I don’t see it coming off any time soon (“You Don’t Have To Go Home Tonight” is on my “Best Songs Ever” playlist).

This version of “Sunrise” is from that “Thicker Than Water” CD, but I know there’s a radio/video version of this song…I’m going to try to get my hands on a copy, and when I do I will post a clip of it.

  • “Sunrise”
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