40 Dog

Sweet N Lo’ only put out this one song, as far as I know, although there is at least one other upload on YouTube to a song from their CD “Pucker Up.” They were one of a few girl acts (Nuttin’ Nyce with “Froggy Style”–“In My Nature” was far more unique, to the point where I’m not sure I knew it was the same group–and 1 of the Girls, as well) that came out in the early-to-mid 90s and really reminded you of TLC, which lets you know that TLC was doing something very right–I don’t even remember girl groups coming out and “copying,” for lack of a better word, Salt-N-Pepa to the degree it seems TLC was “copied.”

Whew, so many good black girl groups in the 90s that I am right now having to physically pull myself away from watching/jammin’ to their videos on YouTube so that I can get these posts done! Unfortunately, Sweet N Lo’ basically is of the “one-hit wonder” variety, if you even consider “40 Dog” all that much of a hit. Still if you liked TLC, then you probably liked or would like this track. Admittedly, the song couldn’t possibly live up to most of TLC’s songs or even some of the songs by the other black girl groups of the 90s…

  • “40 Dog”
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