I’ve got to confess–I was a huge Britney Spears fan. I would still be if she weren’t now coming out with crap like “Blackout” and “Circus.” But that’s the nature of the music business nowadays, and most artists who have been around for a good while eventually deteriorate into nonsense, musically. For some people, Britney’s music was always nonsense. But then again, she wouldn’t be the big star she is today if that were completely true, and for people who like her kind of genre she really was on top of her game for a long time. Who really is responsible for Pharrell/the Neptunes being who he is/they are? Think about it.

This track, apparently, is on several CDs. But I have so much Britney stuff that I am not totally sure which one I got it from, though I would have sworn it was an overseas release of her third CD, entitled “Britney.” But when I looked online, I pulled up a CD single of “I’m A Slave 4 U” (which…I never liked that song enough to get the single, so I know that’s not where I got it from), and it’s also apparently on a “Jimmy Neutron Boy Genius” soundtrack (which I didn’t know existed). And then last year, without my knowing, Britney managed to release a CD called “The Singles Collection,” which seems to have most–but not all–of the songs Britney has ever put out on CD in any country. Trust that I will post some of the ones left off at a later date (including one of my favorite Britney songs ever), but it seems “Intimidated” was included.

What I like about “Intimidated” is the Michael Jackson-ish sounds in it. Take a listen and see if you agree that it’s got an MJ vibe.

  • “Intimidated”
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