The Bonnie and Clyde Theme

Don’t know how many people remember this collaboration between Ice Cube and Yo-Yo, but it definitely is a forgotten Ice Cube gem. My feeling about female rap artists is they pretty much all, with maybe the exception of Salt-N-Pepa (you can argue about Queen Latifah), have never been appreciated enough but also made tracks that have been pretty easy to forget (if you think about it, when you listen to old skool stations how many female rap songs/artists do you hear?). On that last point about forget-ability, for me, this song is one of the relatively few exceptions, never having been a Yo-Yo fan at all. That might actually work to support my points about female rap artists, considering that this is a collaboration with a highly successful male rap artist. I was most definitely an Ice Cube/NWA fan…an Eazy E one, even.

Either way, I both recorded this song off the radio and bought the cassette single, and was loving it in the early 90s. You can find it on Yo-Yo’s CD “You Better Ask Somebody.”

  • “The Bonnie and Clyde Theme”
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