I’ll Never Get Over You (Getting Over Me)

Nope, not the version by Expose (an absolutely awesome group). Former “American Idol” contestant Jasmine Trias has remade a few 90s songs, and they all missed the cut on her US release of her self-titled debut CD. However, they are included on a “repackaged” edition of her CD, which was released in some other countries. It’s not as if it makes a difference to that many people from the US since her CD went largely unnoticed here, save for maybe Hawai’i (where she’s from). However, for whatever reason, I had found Jasmine’s MySpace and thought the tracks she had on it sounded decent, which led to my picking up her CD. Then when I found out she had remade this song and Cathy Dennis’ “Too Many Walls,” I was very curious about what she did with those songs…and that’s how I learned about the repackaged edition of her CD. Good luck finding it or these bonus songs in the US–you might have to order from another country, which is what I did (the Philippines).

I do think Expose does it better, even though Jasmine’s vocals might be better–it’s arguable. In any case of events, we’re still looking for that breakout Asian music star in the US. Jasmine certainly had the potential if you listen to her CD but probably came along a little too late for her kind of music/sound to be appreciated in the US. That’s assuming she doesn’t release anything else, of course…

  • “I’ll Never Get Over You (Getting Over Me)”
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