That’s Right

I could be wrong, but I’m thinking this is one of those tracks that you heard on the radio when it was out but never knew who the artist was, as really does seem to be common with “one-hit wonders.” I remember mentioning this song to one of my friends and she actually told me it was DJ Taz, which is interesting because she really should have been the last person to know (a lily-white Christian who mainly listened to country music and Celine Dion, and generally seemed to think rap/hip hop music was…well, just stereotype white Christians, and you can guess what she thought pretty accurately). She only knew because another person told her.

Hey, people around my household loved this song. Today, it’s a five-star song on my mp3 player, which is reserved for songs I could probably tolerate hearing every single time they play. But DJ Taz was definitely one of those artists whom if he never came out with anything else, you wouldn’t miss him…and that was basically the case. He was just someone who had done something catchy with a good song by one of the better R&B groups of my time (Ready for the World). It’s no wonder he couldn’t top it, as INOJ found out a couple years later when she did the same thing with another RFTW song and basically met the same fate as DJ Taz did. This is one of the relatively few times that I actually bought a song when it was out in the stores–got the CD single for this, which has the radio edit on it–but I do believe that when I was looking this song up I found copies online still.

  • “That’s Right” (LP Version)
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