You Don’t Wanna Miss

I forgot completely about the girl group For Real, and I probably should be slapped for doing so. I was thinking Blackgirl or maybe even Brownstone did this song until I started searching online using the title. I know the reason I forgot about For Real–I was not exactly a fan of their music while they were out. The fact that there were so many black girl groups out around that time probably also had something to do with it, and their look not being all that distinguishable surely didn’t help matters any. But this has been happening to me a lot as I’ve gotten older, i.e. songs/artists I didn’t like when they were out have randomly popped into my mind and something makes me want to hear them. I recently started feeling that way with “You Don’t Wanna Miss,” and as I went searching for that song I re-discovered other songs by For Real that I now like.

This also turned into one of those searches where I ended up getting the CD and discovered the CD version was different from the radio/video version. Hate when that happens. But I found the radio remix in the end, and I’ve posted a clip for you. It’s on their CD single–I believe it’s the first mix called “Indasoul.” From now on, I ought to just go straight to the CD singles first! But they are usually harder to find than the full album.

  • “You Don’t Wanna Miss” (Indasoul 7″ with Acapella)
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