Breakin’ My Heart (Pretty Brown Eyes)

This just might be the hardest version of a song I’ll feature on my blog to find on CD. I checked out Discogs, and there is a 12″ record that has the “Brown Eyed 12″ Mix” on it, which is longer than the radio edit by about two minutes or so, if I remember correctly. But that listing does not show the Brown Eyed Edit, which is the radio edit–the track I have and am posting a clip of for you. More than likely, you’d have to buy the CD single from a non-US country to get this version on CD if you don’t have it. And even if you download music “illegally,” this version is still nearly impossible to find in CD quality. I have not done the dirty work on this, but I’d advise that if you want to find this anywhere in the US on CD…check out Gemm and Musicstack, particularly for a user named RAMCD. That is the one user from whom I have ordered multiple obscure CD singles, and they are very reliable/quick. The only problem with those sites, unlike Discogs, is they usually don’t display track listings.

I like both versions of this (meaning the CD version and this remix–there are other versions, as well), and I have gone back and forth over the years on which version I prefer. For the past few years, I have preferred this remix to the original version. Mint Condition was never of much interest to me after this song, though “Forever In Your Eyes” is not a bad cut. But this really is the only song by them I will never forget, and it was their biggest Top 40 hit (if not their only–which I think it was). What can I say–I really think the 90s was for the ladies. Overall, the best music was coming from women in that decade (and on that note, I’m noticing that I’m featuring a lot of female artists on this blog!!).

  • “Breakin’ My Heart (Pretty Brown Eyes)” (Brown Eyed Edit)/(Radio Remix)
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