So Pure

If Alanis Morissette released any seriously out-of-place songs at the height of her success, this one was it. It’s a long way from “You Oughta Know” and “Ironic,” going back to her more pop roots with what I’d called a “dance rock” song. Not only is the song kind of different for her, but the video is quite interesting also, cramming, like, half a season of “Dancing With the Stars” into it. Back when this song was released, it’s Top 40 performance basically was Alanis’ biggest disappointment to date, never cracking the top 3o. A good sign that “So Pure” probably wasn’t going to work is the fact that being a pop star didn’t really work for her before. In light of her backstory, I find it interesting that “So Pure” was not included on her CD “The Collection.”

The radio version of “So Pure” was just a tad more pop than the CD version. It is really tricky to find because, as far as I know, it is not even on most of the CD singles released for the song. I believe it is only on a US promo release, and it is called the “Radio Friendly Remix.” Hmmm…judging from its chart performance…apparently not.

  • “So Pure” (Radio Friendly Remix)/(Radio Version)
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