Anything For You

And continuing on from the Kris Kross post, speaking of joke artists…

Snow was like Vanilla Ice part Deux–another so-called good-looking white guy who did “black” music and found ways to get into trouble. The difference between Snow and Vanilla Ice–and maybe I’m not quite old enough to know for sure, but this is my impression–is that Snow’s career was halfway hindered by the immediate perception of him as a joke artist (which he probably does have Vanilla Ice to thank for that)…with the other half just being getting in his own way as far as trouble. The songs I’ve heard from him have not been that bad, including “Informer.” He should not necessarily be of one-hit wonder status, and not just because he released several other songs aside from “Informer” (including another top 15 hit called “Girl, I’ve Been Hurt”)…but because he should have been given more of a chance.

One of the other songs Snow released was called “Anything For You,” and the video was probably played as much as, if not more than, “Informer” on BET. BET used to have a show called “Caribbean Rhythms,” and I believe that was the show the video was on pretty much every week when the song was out. I also believe this was around 1994-1995, so when I checked out the CD that came out around that time, “Murder Love,” it had a different version of this song on it. The video version and the version I liked can be found on a 1997 CD release by Snow called “Justuss.” It is called the “All Star Cast Remix.” And yes, this song is exactly why I think Snow was underrated.

  • “Anything For You” (All Star Cast Remix)
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