I Missed the Bus

I don’t know what it is–maybe if they had been older, white and/or some act other than a rap one, Kris Kross would be the joke right about now that they probably should be…right along with New Kids On the Block, the Backstreet Boys/*NSYNC and Vanilla Ice (hey…notice they’re white?). I mean, think about it–two guys with weird hair, munchkin voices, over-sized clothes on backwards and choruses like, “Jump, jump…the Daddy Mack will make ya…” But I think being that they were kids, people kind of understand…and being that they were a rap act doing that as opposed to a pop or R&B one, they carry more credibility (Vanilla Ice, though a rapper, was a white guy who allegedly lied about his background and allegedly screwed over a Suge Knight associate…and you don’t want to mess with Death Row or be the white guy with black street folks thinking you lied to them). Accordingly, they are closer to MC Hammer’s or Hammer’s or whatever-the-hell’s boat than the other aforementioned artists’ boat, i.e. a little shameful but not anywhere near as bad as it could be.

But as with all cheesy acts, there are tons of people who still secretly jam to their music…knowing all the while the music and the artist delivering it are cheesy. Clearly, I like joke artists. And even though this is a kiddie song to the max, I spent years wanting this remix of “I Missed the Bus” because, once again, you have the kind of artist who puts out better remixes than original versions and then those remixes aren’t on the CD. In fact, Kris Kross did eventually put out a CD of remixes called “The Best of Kris Kross Remixed”…and then still didn’t put the remix of this song on it! And these music industry people wonder some of us pirate music online…

But never fear–you can find the CD single on Discogs.

  • “I Missed the Bus” (Backwards To School Radio Version)
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