My Heart Is Failing Me

Back to the 90s for a bit, because I am trying to throw some more male acts into the blog and, looking through my music collection, I am seeing more with rare, remixed or forgotten stuff from the 90s than the 80s.

Riff was this male R&B/pop group that really seemed to have a close relationship with movies. For starters, they are the guys who sang “Fair Eastside” in the movie “Lean On Me” and recorded the song “White Men Can’t Jump” for the similarly-named movie (which I never knew, regarding “White Men Can’t Jump,” until I did some research on Riff…but I used to like the song). According to Wikipedia, they also had a song on the soundtrack for the movie “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles” called “Family.”

Riff is another one of those acts that would be labeled a “one-hit wonder,” and, especially in the pop world, that would be based on their single “My Heart is Failing Me.” Really, they were not a one-hit wonder act so much as they were a nameless one, i.e. the kind whose songs you’d hear but never knew who the songs were by, the kind whose faces you never remember (unless you really loved “Lean on Me” and/or the scene where Riff sings), etc. In other words, Riff never really stood out in any substantial way and, thus, never had a chance of making it big in music. “My Heart Was Failing Me” was on the Top 40 radio station all the time in my hometown and I loved it, but…when they didn’t see another song chart on Casey’s Top 40, it was easy to forget all about them.

  • “My Heart Is Failing Me”
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