Real Love

Since there are tons of songs named “Real Love,” I won’t keep you in suspense–this one is by R&B male vocalist Lorenzo. While there are several tracks by him up on YouTube, I’ve previously heard not one of them…oh, wait a second; I’m wrong–this “I Can’t Stand the Pain” song sounds familiar. But that’s just the kind of artist Lorenzo was…Hey, like I mentioned before on this blog–the 90s were all about the ladies for a while there, at least in R&B. But I definitely remember this other song by Lorenzo now.

Sitting and listening to Lorenzo’s music now, I really do think he was an artist who had a lot of potential and should have been a bigger hit. The vocals are there and his songs are not bad. Admittedly, I wasn’t crazy about his music at the time. My oldest sister was the one who was high on his song “Real Love,” and back then I used to act like I was excited about whatever she was excited about. Plus, I thought he looked goofy in the video for the song (his movements and his face!!)! I don’t know if other R&B fans felt like I did about Lorenzo at the time and that’s why his career never went very far, or what. I wonder if Lorenzo wouldn’t have been all the rage if he’d come out 5 or so years before he did…the “cute” guys who could sing were “in” in late 80s R&B. I genuinely do like his song “Real Love” today, though.

  • “Real Love”
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