The Pleasure Principle

Janet is one of my favorites, but, frankly, not really for her singing. Much like Madonna, she is an artist who has an “it” factor that doesn’t include stellar vocals but just something else that resulted in nearly every song she released for a while being audibly appealing (I mean, besides Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis’ music production). Also much like Madonna, she has reached that point where I generally can’t tolerate the music she releases nowadays.

I was particularly influenced by Janet’s dancing, though. “If” was a great video as far as dance moves, but another video I consider to be “up there” is “The Pleasure Principle.” I will never forget when she jumps off the chair and lands with that “I mean business” expression on her face, and then gets right back to the dancing. Absolutely loved the jean jacket she wore and had one just like it because of that video. I loved the video version of the track, as well. And Janet has done something that all artists who make tons of radio/video remixes should do–she released a CD with all of those remixes from the “Control” album’s time period called “Control: The Remixes.” Usually, I don’t like CDs or maxi CDs that are full of remixes because (with the exception of Jennifer Lopez’s “J To Tha L-O” CD) there is usually only one remix I want and I hate the rest. But this one was and is worth the cash. The video versions of “Control,” “Let’s Wait A While,” “When I Think of You” and more are on this CD.

The version of “The Pleasure Principle” that is on it is basically an extended version of what you hear in the video. Be careful buying the CD…check out the track listings before you do, because it looks like there are a few different versions of the CD out there and some don’t have this song on it.

  • “The Pleasure Principle” (Long Vocal Remix)/(The Shep Pettibone Mix)
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