This Is How We Do It

While I could probably live my whole life without ever hearing the original version of this song again, I love this remix. My sister had the maxi CD single that had several versions on it, and the radio played some of those remixes. This was the one that stuck with me. The original version by Montell Jordan was overplayed.

This is the kind of song for getting into a car, rolling the windows down, driving slowly down the street and, if you have good speakers, just blasting it (when people blast music from crappy speakers, it sounds like their “sound system” is about to explode). Nothing else to say about it–it’s just excellent and perfect for a loud party. You want to get in a good mood quickly? Play this song.

One odd thing–I could have sworn this remix was on a maxi CD for “This Is How We Do It,” but my research is turning up that this is called the “Studio Ton Radio Mix” and is on Montell’s “Somethin’ 4 Da Honeyz” CD single (um, a song I totally don’t remember, by the way). I don’t see a remix by that name on any of the “This Is How We Do It” singles, but I remember the album art for those singles and really thought that remix was on one of them.

  • “This Is How We Do It” (Studio Ton Radio Mix)
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