Hold You Tight

There are tons of remixes of this hit by Tara Kemp floating around the internet and in CD single format, but the one remix I had trouble finding over the years was the one I really wanted. One of the R&B stations in my hometown used to play what I’ve finally come to learn is the “Hold It Now Hit It” mix, and after hearing that it was all over for the CD version of the song for me. It’s a little bit amazing to me that, with as popular as “Hold You Tight” still seems to be–including remixes of it–it’s nearly impossible to find a copy online of the remixes I’m sharing with you (I did find a copy of the “Hold It Now Hit It” mix one place, but it skips). I had to pay quite a bit to get this particular CD single from the Netherlands. I ordered it through Gemm.

The first remix on the CD single is one that you can easily find other places (the “All Night Extended Version”), so I am only posting clips of the other two remixes that are very hard to find in the US.

  • “Hold You Tight” (Tight Mix)
  • “Hold You Tight” (Hold It Now Hit It Mix)
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