I will get back to trying to mix in some male artists soon, so don’t think I abandoned that. I just wanted to get these clips of stuff that used to be on my Wish List posted.

The music blog I check the most is, without question, DjPaulT’s “Burning The Ground” blog. He used to have a lot of great stuff posted over at blogspot, and he’s building back up again here at WP. I didn’t realize his blog had been taken down, so when I checked one day and saw it gone I typed in his name in a search engine, and voila! I couldn’t go without that blog!

What does this have to do with anything? Well, a lot of the time when I am searching for rare/hard-to-find stuff, I find them only or predominantly on vinyl. If you like Old Skool…School…however you want to spell it…rap and are just now trying to build up your collection with some of the more obscure rap songs (meaning, not the same ole LL Cool J, Salt-N-Pepa, Eazy E stuff), you’re going to run into this issue. I have a record player…correction–my mother has a record player. But I am not good at “ripping” stuff from records and cassettes, and her record player isn’t even plugged up. I can do a little editing and cleaning, but most of the time my job is not going to sound near-perfect.

Anyway, I was surprised to find that I could not find this Jann Arden radio remix–I mean, an annoyingly big hit, as in “every time you turned on the radio” proportions–in CD format or for download all that easily. Almost every version I found was the bland CD version, which I hardly ever heard on the radio in comparison to the radio remix…or at least not on Top 40 radio stations (Adult Contemporary stations are a bit of a different story). It’s not even on her greatest hits releases. I found two downloads, but one was cut off at the beginning and the other wouldn’t download all the way. I found some CD singles for sale that said they had the remix, but it turned out they didn’t. Then I found the record on eBay, remembered that Paul “rips” from vinyl and contacted him about doing the “rip” if I paid for the record. Yes, I do/pay a lot for music. I made a donation to his blog, and he did a nice job with the rip.

Hear for yourself…

  • “Insensitive” (Radio Remix)
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